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PATRIOT SCUBA TECH DAY 2020 January 19th

Come Join Patriot Scuba, PADI and Hollis for a ‘Hands-On’ demonstration of some Open-Circuit and Closed-Circuit Technical Dive Gear!

So why go Technical?

Below are the ten top reasons to Tec Dive:

1.      To quote a phrase made popular by the Star Trek series… “To boldly go where no man has gone before” quite literally this is true when it comes to Tec Diving.

2.      To expand upon your diving knowledge.  As is often said, “A good diver is always learning”.  The amount of diving knowledge gained in these Tec Diver courses far exceeds that of all previous dive courses you’ve taken to date.

3.      To reignite that burning candle of excitement that was once there when you first learned to scuba dive.

4.      To extend your bottom time well beyond that of a recreational diver.  Are you tired of having less than 15 minute of bottom time at 100’?  If so, then Tec Diving is for you.

5.      To explore some of the most historic wrecks that lie on the bottom of the worlds waters hidden from most of humanity… unless you’re a Tec Diver.

6.      To take your diving skills to “a whole ‘nother’ level”.  You’ll look back on where your level of diving skills used to be and snicker to yourself.

7.      Have you ever wanted to go Outer Space?  Heck, who doesn’t?  Well, how about Inner Space?  As a Tec Diver you can learn to explore the next best thing to Other Space and that’s Inner Space.  Learn to dive into Mother Earth herself!

8.      To use some of the most highly technical, state-of-the-art dive equipment known to mankind.  Be on the leading edge of dive equipment technology as a Tec Diver.

9.      Join the ranks of the Elite.  It’s rumored that Tec Divers make up less than 3% of the diving population.  As a Tec Diver, you’ll be amongst the Elite.

10.   To challenge one’s self.  ‘Nuff Said! 

This Free Event is open to all certified Divers.  Please Call 703-490-1175 or email diving@patriotscuba.com to register.  Limited spots available.