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LEARN TO DIVE The PADI Open Water Course: Experience an Adventure Like No Other!

Splash!  You exhale and bubbles stream behind you as you glide downward into sun kissed waters.  Below an expanse of reef takes shape from a palette of blues and transforms into a jungle of color.  Rainbows of tropical fish arc and spool around you in flowing ribbons.  You breathe in, slow and deep.  The regulator in your mouth rasps soothingly like a calming yogic inhale as your lungs fill with nourishing air.  Now you are floating above the reef, comfortably finning through the brilliant hues as you snap shots with your camera.  None of your friends have ever done anything like this!

Fast forward.  The ghostly shape of a shipwreck stretches out in front of you as far as the eye can see.  You drift along the deck railing for a while enjoying the coral that has begun to transform this World War II behemoth into a living reef.  Lifting your dive light, your beam pierces into a darkened hatch.  After first tying off one end of your reel to the outside, you swim into the corridor and follow as the pathway slowly guides you around the historic vessel.  As you glide along, you peek into open staterooms, a galley, and the ships hold.  Each is a time capsule, still undisturbed after all these decades.  A literal immersion in history!

If you have ever dreamed about having an experience like one of these then scuba diving is probably for you.  It can be a sport of high adventure, one of wonder and incredible beauty, or it can be both!  One of the best things about scuba diving is that it can be nearly anything you want it to be and each dive is different.

The first step to making memories like these is to sign up for your Open Water Diver course.  This course will teach you everything you need to know to get started diving.  An Open Water Diver has all the training and experience needed to enjoy all the wonder of our first example.  If the second example sounds more like you, you will need additional training, but Open Water Diver is still your first step to adventure!

Sign up today!  Click one of the schedule options below to get started! If you don't see dates that work for you, please call/email us to discuss other options! 703-490-1175/diving@patriotscuba.com

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