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FORT BELVOIR Start Your Underwater Adventure On Base!

Welcome to Patriot Scuba - Fort Belvoir!

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to explore the beauties of the underwater world?  What it might be like to take your first breath underwater?

Patriot Scuba - Fort Belvoir is your portal to answering your questions.  Let us help you take the plunge! 

Already a underwater adventurist?  No problem, we have plenty of gear and dive adventures to share with youl.  We provide gear servicing as well.  Come check us out. 


Operated by a military family, we service all of our nation's heroes who have access to the base.  


Come on in and Let's Go Diving!


Patriot Scuba - Fort Belvoir                                                    Hours of operation:

6008 12th Street                                                                         Sunday  - Closed

Fort Belvoir, VA                                                                          Monday thru Friday - 1000 to 1900

Phone: 703-781-4649                                                                 Saturday - 1000 to 1800

Email: diving@patriotscuba.com