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Changing The World – Becoming A Padi Pro

Dive Training jcurrer COMMENTS 14 Dec, 2020

Changing the World – Becoming a PADI Pro

Everyone’s life is different.  Different experiences, different jobs, different families, and different stresses.  Our lives shape us as we move thru them.  Some days it’s all good.  Some days, well not so good. Each of us needs to find our ‘Happy Place’ to get thru … life. 

I believe that water has an amazing effect on people.  Some just need to be near it.  Close your eyes and imagine being at a beach or a lakefront … just watching and breathing.  So peaceful.  So relaxing. An amazing “Happy Place.”

Add coral reefs, majestic wrecks or amazing wildlife to the mix and the experience just gets that much better.  As a PADI Pro I get to introduce those feelings and share that experience with others.  I watch fear transformed into amazement and anticipation turned into a passion. I’ve also seen families turned to “Adventure Buddies” with more interaction and life experience to share.

Being a PADI Pro is a tremendous ‘Super-Power’ and one that you can take almost anywhere!


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