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Eagle Scout Project Supports Project Aware By Improving Local Fish Habitat

Environment jcurrer COMMENTS 24 May, 2019

In April, a Diver from Patriot Scuba provided support to a local Boy Scout trying to improve the fish habitat in a local community lake.  For his Eagle Scout project, Nathan Beagle of Troop 688 built two types of fish habitats to submerge in a local lake.  He decided on this project because he learned that the community was planning on restocking the lake but hesitated because past efforts failed when larger fish fed on the defenseless fry and fingerling fish. 

Nathan heard about this problem and decided to use his Eagle Scout project to help.  He researched how he could build fish habitats out of PVC pipes, corrugated plastic tubes, plastic planters, and garden hose.  He planned the build, coordinated the funding, led the construction and then, this past April, he directed the placement of his habitats in the lake.  That help came from his Troop, community, and a diver from Patriot Scuba.  Bob Taradash is an Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 688, a Master Scuba Diver and a Dive Master Candidate with Patriot Scuba.  When Nathan needed someone in the cold water to assist in placing the habitat and securing them to the bottom, Bob volunteered.  As the other volunteers ferried the habitat out into the lake on kayaks, Bob got into the water to assist removing the habitat and then sinking them to the bottom.  Patriot Scuba provided the air cylinder for Bob and also additional information to Nathan and the community on how this project supports PADI’s Project AWARE.

Nathan’s project is a great example of how non-diving members of our community can support Project AWARE.  His habitat construction idea was simple.  The smaller habitat were plastic planters, filled with concrete and turned upside down with cut pieces of garden hoses sticking out of holes drilled into the planter to make a “nest” of hoses that small fish could hide in from predators.  The larger habitat consisted of a rectangular frame of PVC pipe with corrugated tubing wrapped inside.  The corrugated tubing had 2 and three inch holes drilled throughout so the small fish could live inside without fear of being eaten by predator fish.

The Eagle Scout Badge is the highest rank in Scouting.  Earning Eagle Scout means that a Scout has learned personal skills, leadership, citizenship, stewardship, conservation, reverence, and the importance of being a productive member of our society.  The Eagle Scout project is a culmination of all a Scout has learned, put into action for something greater than him or herself.  Nathan’s project certainly achieves this endeavor by giving back to the community, supporting conservation, showing his stewardship and leadership while also supporting PADI’s Project AWARE.

Project AWARE is PADI’s initiative to work across the globe to protect underwater environments through conservation actions like debris removal, establishing a reporting process for issues and incidents, and organizing activities to protect the underwater environment.  Nathan’s Eagle Scout project to conserve the fish habitat in his local lake is one example of how the community and Patriot Scuba supports PADI’s Project AWARE.

Bob Taradash

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