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A Life Changing Event - By Dessie L

Diving jcurrer COMMENTS 22 Sep, 2018

The first time I jumped in to the open ocean I was breath taken by the beauty surrounding me. I constantly caught myself trailing behind staring in awe of the color, the wild life, and the utter surreal habitat I found myself in.

From the moment I left my first bubble on that reef I had a desire burn deep with me to learn more and be a part of this existence. I wanted to know everything my brain could handle. Every time I got back on the boat I was asking questions. “What kind of fish was that?” “How can I do this more?” “How can I help?” I suddenly was fired up with a passion that laid dormant my entire life. Since I was a kid I loved learning about the ocean from my marine biologist uncle and would often dream of being able to breathe underwater. Well that dream finally came true and a new life had sprung.

There is so much to the deep blue that we don’t know and even more we don’t understand. I’m excited to see where this new journey leads me and how I can preserve the beautiful new world I discovered.

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