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Environment jcurrer COMMENTS 19 Jul, 2017

As Shark Week Approaches!

Hey everyone, as a Discovery Channel favorite, “Shark Week” approaches, I’d ask everyone to please both enjoy the fantastic work that the Discovery Channel does and to be a Shark Advocate at the same time.  The Tag line for the opening advertising and video titled “It’s Still a Bad Week to be a Seal” is once again portraying sharks as un-relenting man-eaters but, evidently, with a twist of humor. Featuring global music sensation Seal, the advert reminds the program fans that no seal (Great White’s favorite prey) is safe during Shark Week, not even Seal himself.

The “Shark Week” week-long series is an outstanding venue to get the ‘average joe’ thinking about sharks…it’s the adrenaline pumping stories and video that is needed these days to grab attention.  We, as educated shark conservationist need to lean over time to time and ensure our friends know the importance of these magnificent creatures and the plight they face.  For more thoughts on this as “Shark Week” approaches, check out the following Link:


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