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Changing Lives Starting With ‘me’

Patriot Scuba Life jcurrer COMMENTS 06 Mar, 2017

I know that we change lives every time PADI Professionals teach a PADI course.  It’s what the business is about.  We help overcome fears. We build confidence in students. We bring together people who may have otherwise never met.   We begin and help continue the journey to adventure and we open eyes to the wondrous beauty this planet offers below the waterline.

Before my Journey to become a PADI Pro, I was focused on the next cool thing to see underwater, mainly reefs, sharks and wrecks.  I was still locked on to ‘how many’ new things or places I could go to.  I still wasn’t stopping to actually see the wonder around me at the locations I was diving.  It wasn’t until I started diving with my boys that really noticed the tiniest creatures, the colors and the motion of the deep.  It was a revelation and a personal discover. It mesmerized me…I was truly hooked and that was when I decided that I wanted to help share that wonder and become a PADI Pro.

Since that epiphany, teaching students and introducing them to the wondrous world below the waves has been everything I imagined.     From the first breaths underwater to showing them their first octopus or shark or sea horse… the wonder in the customer’s eyes has been like a drug.  Very addictive. 

Now as a PADI Course Director, I’ve been able to take that ‘Introduction to Wonder’ to an even higher level.  Now I can train the next wave of PADI instructors and turn them on to a career of opening eyes to the miracles of the Lakes and Seas.  Watching those new instructors teaching new students and sharing in their euphoria when the instructor shakes the students hands and says “Congratulations, you are a PADI Open Water Diver” … it is an amazing feeling.  It is very addictive and a life changing way to change the lives of other…forever.    

It was Bruce Lee that once said, “To become Immortal, you must first live a life worth remembering.”  Becoming a PADI Pro is a pretty good start!


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