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What Is A Technical Diver?

Technical Diving Deeptexasdiver COMMENTS 02 May, 2016

PADI TecWhat is a Technical Diver?

First of all, let’s look at what technical diving is.  Using your favorite search engine, you’ll find Technical Diving (also referred to as tec or tech diving) defined as a form of SCUBA diving that exceeds the limits of recreational diving.  So as a recreational SCUBA diver you’re limited to a depth of 130 feet with appropriate training, not exceeding the no decompression limits for your given depth and not diving in an overhead environment.  Blah, blah, blah, sounds like “you’ll shoot your eyes out kid!”, who can forget that line?  So, what is Tec Divi

Tec diving is a term used to describe a wide range of methods, skills, and equipment you use as tools to broaden your ability and experiences in a multitude of environments.  Technical diving is a means rather than an end, to access a greater portion of Earth’s surface, whether above or below 130 feet.  The beauty is that you decide how to use these tools, you can dive longer on shallower dives or choose to go deeper and use different gases and stay within non decompression limits or go deeper and stay longer and spend some time doing decompression.  This is all while penetrating a wreck, cavern or cave, or diving a deep wall . . . . if you're properly trained, of course!


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