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Diving With Sharks And Other Creatures In Grand Bahama By Jared G.

Travel jcurrer COMMENTS 07 Apr, 2016

Divers Blog 3/19-3/26: My dad and I went to Grand Bahama with Patriot Scuba, and it was great! We met new people right away, including our one of a kind taxi driver, Ms. Patty WildGoose, who was always so happy to see us. While in the Bahamas you'll be provide ample opportunity to enjoy your surroundings while you wait for your meal. As a dive location, Grand Bahama provides very clear water. We saw so much including eels, shipwrecks, sea turtles (loggerhead and hawksbill), sharks that would get so close that they bump into you on the shark dive, a dolphin that can comes up and kisses you on the dolphin dive, and so many neat fish there I can't name them all. This is a great diving spot, and I can't wait for what Patriot Scuba has in store for us next year.


   Jared G. (age 14) - Diving with Patriot Scuba since Day 1

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