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How I Became A Tec Diver By Jerry Lucas

Diving jcurrer COMMENTS 30 Dec, 2015

How I Became a Tec Diver


There are those times in life where you are at the confluence of events which you may have little to no control over. That moment for me, at least my journey into the dark side (tec diving) as some call it, occurred in 2005. I had just moved from Alaska to Alabama because the U.S. Army told  my spouse that's where she was going. Checking out the local dive shop I discovered the manager was an avid cave diver and was in need of a dive buddy....

By this time I had been diving for 20 years and teaching for 15 and was looking for a change. Given the proximity to Florida from where I lived in lower Alabama (LA) that something 'different' was going to be technical diving in the form of diving caves. So the instructor once again becomes the student and I go through the customary cavern, introduction to cave, cave and technical cave courses. Since my cave instructor was also a PADI Tec Deep Instructor I also completed my deep training, allowing me to participate in decompression diving using air, enriched air and 100 percent oxygen. Just to keep it interesting the cave and tec deep courses were intertwined but thankfully the equipment we used was suited for both types of diving, the difference came in the skills we learned. In the intervening years my training and interests have grown to include Trimix (gas mixes including helium) and closed circuit rebreathers.

The single most important event that started me down this path was having a peer to talk to who was able to eliminate the mystery and dispel the myths that envelope what to that point was the unknown.

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