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Checking Out The Hollis Dx300x Drysuit

Equipment jcurrer COMMENTS 20 Dec, 2015

Hollis DX300 Drysuit Review by Instructor Nick Kreiner

I am a warm water diver.  I know this and I’ve accepted it as fact.  While in the past I’ve managed to handle some pretty cold dives including the chilly 52 degree waters of Bonne Terre Mine and the even colder 48 degree water at Mermec Springs, my heart is in the warm tropic waters where I learned to dive.  So when I moved to Virginia I knew I was going to have to get smart about this drysuit stuff so I could be functional in the cooler freshwater “Quarribean” diving.  After taking the PADI Drysuit Diver course with Patriot Scuba I began looking for an affordable, high quality, drysuit and stumbled upon the wonderful Hollis DX300. 

The Hollis DX300X Drysuit is a trilaminate style drysuit made with Cordura Ripstop, “Butyl Mass”, and an inner liner of silk weave polyester.  As an instructor I was very happy with the double thickness kneepads, telescoping torso, attached 5mm neoprene socks, and two large Velcro pockets included with the suit, which normally have to be special ordered on other drysuits.  The neck seals and wrist seals are also user replaceable removing the need to have to send the suit in for repairs.

Donning and doffing the drysuit is a single person job due to the front zipper; and the neck seals, wrist seals, and internal suspenders are all designed so the drysuit can be easily put on and taken off by the diver with minimal assistance.  All I need is a quick check from a dive buddy that my front zipper is fully closed and then I’m good to go.  In the water the suit trims well with good air movement throughout and the optional Hollis undergarments I purchased keep me warm and dry.  The neoprene socks included with the suit fit inside a normal neoprene boot without issue and “rock boots” are an option as well.

Overall the DX300 Drysuit is an excellent and affordable drysuit option for a diver looking to dive dry in the colder fall and spring months.  The price point is well below suits from other manufacturers and the quality is top notch making this a great addition to your personal dive “kit”.

Get with Patriot Scuba and schedule your Drysuit Diver course and check with Patriot Scuba for pricing and sizing on your own Hollis DX300!

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