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The Season Of Miracles…

jcurrer COMMENTS 15 Dec, 2015

As we rapidly draw closer to Christmas, a time of giving and celebration, friends, family and excitement, I can’t help but think about an upcoming “Pool Dive” with my grandson.  It’s actually program called Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth as he is only 7…not quite ready for Bubblemaker.  From his perspective, he’s diving with Grandpa….That is my Christmas Gift and one that is sure to  be as life changing for 

him as it will be for me.  This year if you want to give something “Life changing” give the gift of Adventure; Wonder; and Sharing…give someone a scuba certification. Make the "Miracle" happen!

For those of you that are already certified, here are a few reasons why you should be thankful this season! https://www.padi.com/blog/2015/11/25/7-reasons-to-be-thankful-to-be-a-diver/

Now don’t you want to share that!  Please share if you have additional reasons!

Jeff - Live Free and Dive!

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