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Continuing The Dream By Nick Kreiner

Diving jcurrer COMMENTS 20 Nov, 2015

A dive community of Patriots!

When I left my recent military assignment in Okinawa I departed as an avid scuba diver who had just entered the ranks of professional diving.  In my time in the clear waters of the South China Sea I had been surrounded by a military diving community of thousands of service and family members and now I was headed to the National Capital Region.  Were there divers there?  Would my wife and I be able to find a community on par with Okinawa?  Would anyone be willing to take a chance on an unproven PADI Divemaster who had not grown within a local shops ranks?  These were the questions on my mind as I left for my new assignment.


Upon arrival I set about finding a new dive community and hopefully finding a shop willing to take a chance on me.  Patriot Scuba was different from the other shops in the area.  Owned and operated by a military family we instantly found a community of divers similar to Okinawa.  They were passionate about training, passionate about diving, and genuinely interested in diving with us.  When I asked them about doing some Divemaster work with them they were more than willing to give me a shot to see if I would work out.

Needless to say I did work out and in the summer of 2015 I became a PADI Open Water Scuba instructor graduating from the shops inaugural IDC.  With the Patriot Scuba community of instructors, students, and industry professionals I have accomplished more with my diving than I ever really imagined.  The Patriot Scuba dive community has been an absolute blessing by introducing me to friends, colleagues, and students I never would have met otherwise.


I am absolutely thrilled to have found Patriot Scuba during those early spring months of 2015.  Every weekend spent diving with these professionals reinforces the initial assessment I had of Patriot Scuba.  Patriot Scuba is different than any dive community I’ve been a part of.  I encourage you to take some time this winter season and assess your dive community.  If they’re not meeting your expectations as a diver and you find yourself looking for a new dive community - come check us out over at Patriot Scuba.  You will not be disappointed.

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