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Dive Travel In A Covid World - Padi Blog

As parts of the world begin to open up, international travel is becoming possible again in the wake of the COVID pandemic. It’s undeniable, though, that there are a number of additional complications that need to be handled along the way. Check out these preparation […]

Diving With Sharks And Other Creatures In Grand Bahama By Jared G.

Divers Blog 3/19-3/26: My dad and I went to Grand Bahama with Patriot Scuba, and it was great! We met new people right away, including our one of a kind taxi driver, Ms. Patty WildGoose, who was always so happy to see us. While in the […]

Diving Is About Adventure!

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." - Oprah Winfrey The worst adventure is the one you never take!  March 2016 Patriot is heading on a grand adventure to Fiji!  Lead by Rob and Adam, it is sure to […]

Cruise Diving 2015

Cruise Diving 2015   Today is truly an awesome day as Merial and I head off to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary.  Although our actual anniversary day is in June, that would be the heart of our local diving season, so it is a lot […]

Teeth And Tales From Grand Bahama

By Gib Owen   We could barely see him in the distance, his heavy shuffle almost hidden in a cloud of grey muscle and fins.  The diver took a deliberate path toward our kneeling group, bringing with him a swarm of swirling sharks.  The trail […]