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Get Started With Digital Underwater Photography

By Robert Currer Blue.  Blue, blue, and more blue.  I scowled at my screen as I clicked through the images from my most recent dive trip.  I didn’t understand.  There had been so much color!  Great big hunks of golden coral-crusted rock crowned with swaying […]

Why Dry Suit Diving Should Be On Your List

By Robert Currer Sunlight streamed through the towering stands of kelp.  I floated among splashes of sunset orange garibaldi but had eyes only for the pair of sea lions that cavorted above.  The elegance of them as they darted and whirled was a moment of […]

Enriched Air Nitrox Diving: Is It Right For You?

By Robert Currer There is a bite to the chill wind.  It nips at the tip of your nose as you bustle inside away from the slate gray skies.  February marks the tail end of a snowy winter and, with a sigh, you find yourself […]

A Diver Is Born

A Diver is Born Guest Blogger - 8 November, 2021 The sea breeze slid the gray velvet of the morning across my cheek as we wandered a still street in Avalon toward the pier. Bob Taradash and I walked on either side of Bryan Anderson, a […]

Where Can You Go As A Padi Pro?

So where can you go, what can you do as a PADI - Pro?  The Tag-Line "Seek Adventure - Save the Ocean" is no just words.  Check out this article to read about one exciting pathway! How to Get a Job on a Liveaboard!