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Where Can You Go As A Padi Pro?

So where can you go, what can you do as a PADI - Pro?  The Tag-Line "Seek Adventure - Save the Ocean" is no just words.  Check out this article to read about one exciting pathway! How to Get a Job on a Liveaboard!  

Changing The World – Becoming A Padi Pro

Changing the World – Becoming a PADI Pro Everyone’s life is different.  Different experiences, different jobs, different families, and different stresses.  Our lives shape us as we move thru them.  Some days it’s all good.  Some days, well not so good. Each of us needs […]

Improve Your Bottom Time At Home

Proper breathing is a foundational skill in diving. It affects everything from your bottom time to your buoyancy. Breathing is so natural that most of the time we do not even think about it. Yet, sometimes that means that we do not take the time […]