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No One Dives Alone

When we first learn to scuba dive, we are taught about the “Buddy-System.” The buddy is there to ensure you are prepared to dive, to share the objective of the dive, to be your wingman during the dive and to share the magnificent experiences after […]

Changing Lives Thru Scuba

As a PADI instructor, I change lives every day. I open lives to new adventures, I teach people who didn't think the could do it.  I run with the 'Adventurous' 1% of the planet that explores the 71% of the planet... pretty cool.  That said, […]

Healing Waters And The Blue Mind

Why do we automatically associate relaxation, fun and enjoyment with the beach?  Life’s a beach, right? Is it the sand and sun or the water?  Researcher Wallace Nichols says it’s the water. In his book “Blue Mind: The  Surprising Science that shows How being in, […]

I Need To Get In Shape: Where Do I Start?

      I Need to Get in Shape: Where Do I Start? By Jessica Adams, Ph.D., and Stephanie Deltufo, B.S. Every morning, like most Americans, I commute to work. I drink my coffee and note the gazellelike runners who are lucky enough or crazy […]

The Top 10 Health Benefits Of Scuba Diving

So I guess I need to do MORE diving!  Check out this article from Jennifer Palmer on some great benefits from scuba diving! "SCUBA diving is known as a thoroughly enjoyable and sometimes adrenaline boosting sport, however most do not know that SCUBA diving has […]