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Packing More Air - Sidemount

Now this is something different! That was my immediate thought shortly after Sidemount class began.  From the rigging of the cylinders, to the adjustment to my Hollis SMS-100 BCD…it was going to be different…..and it just continued to get different and better! Why Sidemount? Well […]

Dive Lights And The Prepared Diver

Before joining the Navy, I worked for the United States Golf Association.  When running golf tournaments at that level, I always knew to be prepared for any situation that could arise.  I remember one particular lesson I passed along to some rules officials who were […]

The Importance Of A Dive Log – By Katharine Holder

  From my initial open water dive June 25, 2005, I fell in love with SCUBA diving.  Even though I was in a rather murky quarry for my open water dives, I felt like it was the most exciting thing I had ever done!  I […]

The Next Dive By Brian Smith

  A lot of people call themselves “vacation divers” and are resigned to dive only once or twice a year (or less) when they can plan a big trip.  But as I was recently scrolling through a list of 50 Stellar American Dive Sites compiled […]