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How I Became A Tec Diver By Jerry Lucas

How I Became a Tec Diver   There are those times in life where you are at the confluence of events which you may have little to no control over. That moment for me, at least my journey into the dark side (tec diving) as some call […]

Checking Out The Hollis Dx300x Drysuit

Hollis DX300 Drysuit Review by Instructor Nick Kreiner I am a warm water diver.  I know this and I’ve accepted it as fact.  While in the past I’ve managed to handle some pretty cold dives including the chilly 52 degree waters of Bonne Terre Mine […]

The Season Of Miracles…

As we rapidly draw closer to Christmas, a time of giving and celebration, friends, family and excitement, I can’t help but think about an upcoming “Pool Dive” with my grandson.  It’s actually program called Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth as he is only 7…not quite […]

The Sign Of The Seahorse

Seahorses Rock! I'll always have been facinated by Seahorses...their beauty, grace, variety...they are truely amazing  But, as you might guess, many are at risk because of us!  Yep us....Check out the Blog below by Jasmine Wei. Have you ever spotted a seahorse during one of your […]