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Dive For The River: Scuba Diving And Conservation

By Robert Currer For hundreds of years, the Occoquan River has supported its namesake town.  Since 1775, the river has produced everything from power to food to clean drinking water.  On June 4th and 5th, the town of Occoquan will host it’s annual Riverfest event […]

Bag Of Tricks: Never Forget Gear Again

Written by Robert Currer “I need a favor,” asked a dive instructor friend.  He was blushing, an act unusual to the retired Marine.  “Can I borrow some of your spare gear?” “No problem,” I said, not thinking much of it. “What do you need?” “Everything.”  His […]

Get Started With Digital Underwater Photography

By Robert Currer Blue.  Blue, blue, and more blue.  I scowled at my screen as I clicked through the images from my most recent dive trip.  I didn’t understand.  There had been so much color!  Great big hunks of golden coral-crusted rock crowned with swaying […]

Why Dry Suit Diving Should Be On Your List

By Robert Currer Sunlight streamed through the towering stands of kelp.  I floated among splashes of sunset orange garibaldi but had eyes only for the pair of sea lions that cavorted above.  The elegance of them as they darted and whirled was a moment of […]

Enriched Air Nitrox Diving: Is It Right For You?

By Robert Currer There is a bite to the chill wind.  It nips at the tip of your nose as you bustle inside away from the slate gray skies.  February marks the tail end of a snowy winter and, with a sigh, you find yourself […]