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    Change your life-be a PADI Pro
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    Barriers are Made to be Overcome
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    Travel Adventures 2018
    Grand Bahama - July
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    Start the Adventure!
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    Pro Training
    HSA to PADI Crossover Class on 17 March
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    Pro Training
    Change lives as a PADI Scuba Instructor!
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    Travel Adventures: Curacao
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    Swim with the Sharks
    Georgia Aquarium Dive
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    71% of the Planet is Underwater
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    Proud Affiliate
    Patriots for Disabled Divers
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    Travel Adventures - Roatan 2017
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    "Get the Shot"
    With PADI Digital Underwater Photography
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    Youth Adventure Taught Here!
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    Join the Adventurous 1%
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    Amazing Marine Life
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    Specialty Courses
    PADI Wreck Diver
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    Travel Adventure: Dominica
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    PADI Open Water Certifications
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    Travel Adventures
    Florida Springs
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    Become a Diver!
    PADI Open Water Classes
  • Online Store

    Online Store

    Check out our online store where you can sign up for trips, classes and get gift certificates!
  • Sign Up For A Class!

    Sign Up For A Class!

    Open Water Certifications, Advanced Training, Professional Training and more!
  • Reactivate!


    Been out of the water for awhile?  ReActivate is an easy and convenient way to get back in!
  • Specialty Of The Month - January 2018

    Specialty Of The Month…

    Enriched Air Diver - Extend the dive!!
  • Start Dving

    Start Dving

    Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? Or explore the "other" 71% of the world?
  • Keep Diving!

    Keep Diving!

    Let's go diving! If your a diver and want to learn new skills?  or want to go on new adventures?
  • Gift Certificates

    Gift Certificates

    Give the gift of adventure, and exploration!  Open the other 71% of the Planet to someone you care about!
  • Youth Programs

    Youth Programs

    Patriot Scuba Youth Programs provide safe and controlled enviroments for your Youth to start the adventure!
  • Curacao


    Enjoy one Rob's most favorite places to dive!.  This all inclusive trip is "To Dive For!"
  • Florida Springs 2017

    Florida Springs 2017

    Just fun diving in the Crystal Clear Springs of north central Florida.  Dive the 72 degree water one […]
  • 7 Day Cruise & Dive

    7 Day Cruise & Dive

    The best of both worlds! Enjoy a beautiful Western Caribbean Cruise on Carnival Criuse Lines with […]
  • Maldives In 2018

    Maldives In 2018

    Join Patriot's Rob Currer on an trip of a lifetime aboard a 5 Star Live-Aboard in the Maldives.  Whale […]
  • Training Thru Fort Belvoir Mwr

    Training Thru Fort…

    Are you a military member with access to Ft Belvoir MWR?  If so Patriot Scuba provides affordable scuba […]
  • Patriots For Disabled Divers

    Patriots For Disabled…

    Patriot Scuba provides training and travel opportunities in support to Patriots for Disabled Divers (PFDD). […]
  • Vocational Rehabilitation

    Vocational Rehabilitation

    Patriot Scuba is proud to assist you with taking advantage of your vocational rehabilitation benefits!  […]
  • The Best Gear Deals

    The Best Gear Deals

    Check with Patriot Scuba for the the best deals for our nation's heroes.  We offer Military Discounts […]
  • Cylinder Fills

    Cylinder Fills

    We can fill most cylinders on site.  EANX fills or Hyper-Pure Air fills will require Cylinders to be […]
  • Gear And Cylinder Services

    Gear And Cylinder Services

    Patriot Scuba services or can have serviced most all brands of scuba gear and air/nitrox cylinders.  Check […]
  • Gear Consulting

    Gear Consulting

    Buying your first set of Gear for you or as a gift? Or are you looking to update your scuba kit?  Schedule […]
  • Padi Equipment Specialist

    Padi Equipment Specialist

    Want to know more about your equipment?  How to maintain it and how it works?  Take the PADI Equiment […]


5Star IDC LogoPATRIOT SCUBA offers the full range of recreational scuba diving and snorkel training. From beginners to PROs, our dedicated and friendly staff can provide you the skills for your next adventure.

Let's begin or continue your adventure.Specializing in making both confident and competent divers, we'll take the time to support you. Schedules have you in a bind? You'll never find a more flexible staff. Just tell us what you need!

Carrying top of the line gear and accessories, our staff is dedicated to finding you what you need. If we don't have it, we'll get it for you! If you've been looking for the perfect shop to
 service all of your scuba needs, look no further!

Ready to go exploring? PATRIOT leads group trips and will book individual travel. Let us help you find your next adventure.

Patriot Scuba is your one stop shop for all things scuba and we're military family owned and operated! Click here for Store Hours

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